Pulsonix EDA Software

Giving you more than just an everyday design suite Pulsonix Licenses.

The standard suites for Pulsonix provide a range of tools to help you start creating designs straight away. Choose a combined SCM/PCB product, or Schematic only option when your engineers all require Schematic capture capabilities.

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SCM/PCB Design License

  • This license provides you with:
  • Schematic Capture
  • PCB Layout
  • Unlimited layers
  • Auto Router
  • Design Variants
  • Industry Standard Outputs

Additional Options

  • High-Speed Design
  • Advanced Technology
  • Spice Simulation
  • Advanced Autorouter
  • PLM Interface
  • Database Connection

Schematic Capture License

  • This license provides you with:
  • Schematic Capture
  • Unlimited Pins
  • Unlimited flat sheets
  • Unlimited Hierarchical design
  • Design Variants
  • Export Netlist capability

Additional Options

  • Spice Simulation
  • Database Connection
  • PLM Interface

Schematic Capture

Easy to learn, yet packed with professional-level features to assist you in rapid capture of your circuit.

Fully integrated

Schematic Capture is supplied with every Pulsonix PCB design suite as an integrated editor. It is also available as a separate standalone product for engineering environments.
When used as a standalone product, not only can you add the Pulsonix Spice simulator but you can also export netlists in industry standard formats.

Schematic Capture Environment

Easy to use

Pulsonix Schematic Capture is quick and easy to learn and use. Schematic designs can be created quickly using the feature-rich toolset available. With features ranging from flat or multi-sheet multi-instanced hierarchy to electrical rules checking, Pulsonix Schematic Capture is a clean versatile tool to have.

Pulsonix Schematic Capture uses drag-and-drop methodology throughout, This speeds up your design throughput as it eliminates the need for constantly changing ‘modes’ of operation. If you need to move a component, pick and drag it into its new location.

Electrical Rules can easily be added as required, or can be imported from an existing technology file. Not only ERC rules but also all your design constraints and net class rules required when the design moves to the layout stage. Constraints can be mastered into the Schematic early on in the design cycle.
Connections between devices are simply added by touching an electrical terminal and dragging off. Likewise, ending a connection is simply a matter of touching the target source and releasing. Multi-level Undo and Redo are available at all times with unlimited undo levels.

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Summary of Features

  • Fully customisable interface
  • Graphical symbol and Part editors and Symbol creation wizard
  • Support for multi-gate logic and irregular devices, such as relays
  • Predefined drawing profiles supplied for save and load
  • Uses common Parts libraries with the PCB Editor for smooth transition from SCM to PCB
  • Flat and Multi-level hierarchical sheet design
  • Design Variants
  • Integrated FPGA interface
  • Intelligent Open and Closed Busses
  • Reuse of designs using blocks or copy/paste
  • Intelligent Groups
  • Dynamic drag & drop move, rotate and mirror Parts or groups
  • Online and batch Electrical Rules Checking (ERC)
  • Constraint driven rules and Net Class rules passed through to PCB design editor
  • Power and ground symbols and Cross sheet references
  • Automatic Testpoint insertion
  • Forward annotation of changes to the PCB
  • Back annotation changes from PCB
  • Windows and active PDF print outputs
  • Import designs and libraries from many other EDA product using our extensive import filters
  • User definable Parts, Netlist and Report outputs
  • Export Netlists to: Accel EDA, Cadstar, PADS, P-CAD 2000/2001/2004, OrCAD PCB and Viewlogic
  • Export Spice Netlists
  • Optional integrated A/D mixed-mode Spice simulator
  • Optional Database Connection interface for connection to corporate database

PCB Layout

Innovative yet easy-to-use PCB design editor, Pulsonix includes many leading edge features for the casual and professional designer alike.


Sold in three variants, you can purchase Pulsonix based on three component pin count options: 1000, 2000 and Unlimited Pins. From these base variants, you can build up your product depending on the complexity of your designs or the required integration into your company systems.


FlexibleFlexibility is the key – Pulsonix PCB can be driven from the integrated Schematic capture editor, an external netlist or another Schematic capture system, or from within the Pulsonix PCB editor itself by directly creating the PCB on-the-fly without the need for a formal schematic diagram, such is the strength and flexibility of the product.
Pulsonix PCB Design Environment

Full range of manufacturing outputs

Pulsonix includes a complete range of manufacturing outputs at no extra cost.

  • Gerber photoplotting to X2, RS274X and RS274D
  • Excellon drill & route
  • Windows printing
  • PDF
  • HP/GL plotters
  • ODB++
  • GenCAD
  • DXF
  • STEP AP203/AP214
  • IDF
  • IPC-2581
  • IPC-D-356
  • LPKF

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A product with depth

Pulsonix has already set new standards with its powerful toolset. Another key feature of Pulsonix is its ability to present tools to casual and professional users. Whether you use Pulsonix everyday as your design tool or on a casual basis for occasional projects, Pulsonix is instantly familiar, highly customisable, flexible and powerful. Yet, it always feels right to use.
Technology files offer constraint management and flexible rules which can be easily applied across all your designs. They also speed up the new design process and giving you total consistency throughout.
User interaction through the graphical user interface is slick and intuitive, component placement and track routing is easy and effortless. No special modes are required, as with all Microsoft style applications Pulsonix uses ‘drag & drop’ methodology to make the interaction as easy as possible.


PCB Libraries


Dynamic, Hi-Res Libraries

Easily reconstruct your entire PCB library with totally different rules in seconds! Our “High-Resolution” 10µm technology lets you maintain high accuracy and flexibility.

Multiple CAD Formats

Build consistent quality, eliminate redundant work, and avoid costs of migrating libraries – build it all in ONE tool regardless the format!


Quickly become an expert at PCB libraries.

Regardless your skill level, with PCB Libraries backing you up, you create high-quality PCB libraries that look like were created by professionals with decades of experience. Well, in a sense – they were!

Micro/Macro Focus

Establish specific library parameters across division.

Regardless your management requirements, you can easily establish and adjust constraints on rules and preferences so everybody builds consistent quality parts that look like were created by a single professional designer.


Migrate libraries to a different CAD format much faster.

The PCB Footprint Expert interfaces with popular CAD tools. Need your libraries in a different CAD format? Open the “master” library in the Footprint Expert and export!


Accurate library data at your fingertips.

Add new component package and logic data to your database in a snap! Sort data by any attribute field – predefined or custom-made! Or just leave the data organized in one of dozens of component families.

Monetary Benefits

A solution that pays for itself, often after 2 or 3 projects!

PCB Footprint Expert creates PCB library parts in a fraction of the time compared with manual editing. There are many elements that go into the creation of a high quality library part and the PCB Footprint Expert auto-calculates and generates everything down to the finest details.

Upgrade Entire Library

     # Migrate to an IPC-compliant library
     # Over 3,200 unique component packages
     # Transition from Inch to Metric
     # Easily apply consistency to libraries
        - People with various skills created library
        - Different rules used over time
        - Library developed over many years
     # CAD Library quality must be improved


Modify any of hundreds of preferences and rebuild your entire library in seconds.

     # Units (Mils, Micrometers, Inches and Millimeters)
     # Pad Shape (Rectangle or Rounded, Oblong, D-Shape)
     # Rotation (Pin 1 Up, Left, Right or Down)
     # Origin (Centric or Pin 1)
     # Environment Level (Least, Nominal, Most, User)
     # Silkscreen Line Width and Pad to Silkscreen Gap
     # Minimum Pad to Pad Gap or Pad to Thermal Pad Gap
     # Paste Mask Reduction for Thermal Pads
     # Solder Mask Swell or Solder Mask Defined Pads
     # Map Silkscreen & Assembly Outlines to Nominal / Max Component Bod


Central repository of PCB library data.

Easily manage all library data, created by different people with different skills and tendencies, in a central location on your network. All have easy access to browse, search, and quality control the data files with the FREE Footprint Expert.


Max-out both quality and efficiency.

If you dare, the Footprint Expert promises to help you maximize both. That’s right – you don’t have to increase one at the cost of the other.


Minimize cost of manufacture.

By creating high quality designs the first time, you reduce the work and costs associated with design re-spins.

PCB Libraries FREE Footprint Expert at www.PCBLibraries.com

Contact us for FREE demos and training!


Analyze – Edit – Compare – Find – Visualize PCB
Download PCB-Investigator and test it for free!

PCB-Investigator helps you…

~  Bringing your hardware into service
As visual support for finding nets, components, test points and connectors
~  Optimize your EMC analysis
By means of definable color codes for single nets
~  With Bus optimization
By means of purposeful presentment of connections and components
~  Optimize Assembly
By powerful distance measurements
~  With Heat analysis
By finding Hot Spots easily. Load the printed circuit board data and deposit pictures of your heat camera
~  With Change tracking
By comparing different indices and versions of your printed circuit board
~  To bring together all developing departments
With an effective information exchange. Benefit from license-free software with integrated PCB data and everyone is on the same information level

CAD/CAM Functions

These functions will support you:

File loading with auto recognition of file type(ODB++, Gerber274X, Excellon1/2, Sieb & Meyer)

Different export options(ODB++, DXF, CATIA-Script)

Integrated screenshot function

Panel data view

Size info drawn directly into all objects

Multiple selection possibilities

Layers/Objects can be moved, rotated and mirrored, Layers with different offsets can be aligned automatically

Advanced measure modes

Bill of Material (BOM) with CSV export function

3D View of the PCB

All tracks can be labeled with their net names

Individual colors can be assigned to each object

System Requirements

Microsoft Windows 8/7/Vista/XP/2003

Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0

Direct loading of compressed Zip/Tgz files

High resolution image export(tiff, jpg, png, bmp)

Change Tracking by automated graphical layer comparison

Three drawing modes included (Filled, Outline, Both)

Pictures can be imported and displayed behind the real CAD data

Selection of a net according to the net list (export option to IPC356)

Special color setup for layer color definition

Attribute histogram for all objects and components

Strokes (mouse gestures)

Quick-Info with integrated Stack-Up View

Non-selected objects can be drawn transparently

And many more – see our » Plug-In overview

Easy PC

Delivering performance in Schematic Capture and PCB Layout normally associated with products at ten or even twenty times the price, Easy-PC rightly deserves the accolade: “World beating”. Easy-PC has been created by a team of software professionals with some 200 man years experience in development of leading-edge Electronic Design Automation solutions. The team has rewritten the rule book for EDA tools designed for low to high complexity PCB layouts. Easy-PC is packed with time saving features to make the task of PCB design and layout so much quicker and more pleasure able.

Simple to learn and understand, yet packed with

Powerful features

Easy-PC was designed to be quite simple to learn so that you, the customer, are productive within a few hours of practice with the product. Frequently, new customers report they are producing their first board within a few days of installing the software – it really is that simple and intuitive.