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HAPSTRONICS is authorized channel partner for – Pulsonix, PCB Libraries, PCB Investigator, Easy Pc, SPISIM tools.



The Pulsonix EDA product range has set a new standard in the electronics industry with high performance yet easy-to-learn and easy-to-use Schematic capture and PCB layout tools.


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PCB Libraries

PCB Libraries is a lean and agile software company that offers unparalleled software for accurate, and amazingly efficient PCB library creation and management. It is an IPC Member, actively involved in development of the IPC-7351 standards.

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SPISim™ is an EDA company providing modeling and analysis software focusing on signal integrity, power integrity and simulation domains.We also provides a full range of model development, CAD tool customization services.

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PCB Investigator

PCB-Investigator CAD/CAM Software is extremely easy to use and is integrated in many areas like PCB developing, production and assembling.
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