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ICD Stackup Planner

Industry-Leading Accuracy

  • 2D Field Solver (BEM) precision
  • Characteristic impedance (Zo) for Microstrip traces, Embedded Microstrip (with soldermask coating), Symmetric Striplines, and Asymmetric Striplines
  • Differential Impedance (Zdiff) for edge coupling on the same signal layer, and broadside coupling, on an adjacent signal layer
  • Trace Current calculation
  • User Defined Dielectric Materials Library with hyperlinks to web sites and Datasheets
  • 8 Default stackup configurations

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Industry-Leading Ease of Use

Start with one of the 8 default stackups, rearranging to accommodate your specific design needs by adding or deleting signal, plane and dielectric layers, dragging and dropping single or multiple layers, and instantly re-calculating the entire multilayer stackup to solve for the desired single-ended, edge-coupled, and broadside-coupled differential impedances.

  • Fast—Industry leading impedance-simulation speed-across the entire stackup.
  • Accurate—the precision you expect from an industry-leading 2D Field Solver (BEM).
  • Easy to use—quick, intuitive, and easy to learn spreadsheet-like interface, with 8 default stackups.
  • Practical—insert specific dielectric materials to simulate the actual materials used by your fabricator.
  • Differential Pair integration—solve impedance for multiple differential technologies per stackup.
  • Affordable—from entry-level configurations to unlimited functionality—you can choose the solution that best meets your design needs.

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Click here to request a free 14-day evaluation.

Watch demonstration videos:

I  just received results on the boards that I have been working on including actual TDR-measurements from the Chinese subcontractor making the pwbs, and they were close to spot on. 

The laminates used (Kingboard) were not part of your library, but the material datasheet data was inserted and this was a pure success. Your software will be on the top of my list of investments in the near future, and I will highly recommend your products to all customers and colleagues from now on! 

PS. The Chinese subcontractor and I were having quite a discussion back and forth on the way to design these boards for the correct impedances. They were making use of Polar SW (of course) and I was using your ICD Stackup Planner evaluation SW in the effort to have the right design parameters “nailed down” and finally handed to the draughts persons. 

I am so glad that I insisted on the data I had calculated with your assistance! It certainly pays off! 

Mikael Jensen MicMac Engineering


I was very impressed after using the latest version of the ICD Stackup Planner, but I was even more satisfied when I exported Excel data to the Engineering OEM and Manufacturing location that I was working with. Their feedback let me know that this was a more complete, clear/readable set of information than they had ever received! The clear concise and readable Excel format pastes easily into the schematic for future reference also.

Karl Bates

ConnectPCB, Inc